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40 + Amazing facts about Fishes | From Electric Eels to Flying Fish

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Are you a fan of fishes? These beautiful aquatic creatures come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. It is amazing to know that there are more than 30,000 types of species of fishes in the world. Let’s unmask some incredible facts. Here are some amazing facts about fishes.

Fun Facts about Fishes

  • Did you know the largest fish is a whale shark which weighs up to 21 tons while the smallest one is a Paedocypris Progenetica found in Indonesia. It can enter your ear if you are careless.
  • The smallest fish is 7mm. It can fit on the tip of your finger! On the other hand there is to gigantic Whale Fish as 40 ft long.
  • Some fishes can even change their sex during their lifetime!
  • There are over 30,000 different species of fish in the world. Scientists estimate that there could be many more undiscovered species of fish lurking beneath the ocean depths.
  • The fastest fish in the world is the sailfish, which can swim at speeds of up to 68 miles per hour.
Fun Facts about Fishes  ilovefact.com
  • Some fishes are capable of producing electric fields. The electric eel, for example, can produce electric shocks of up to 600 volts to stun prey or defend itself against predators.
  • Fishes have been around for a long time. Fossil records show that fishes have existed for over 500 million years, making them one of the oldest groups of animals on the planet.
  • Fishes can also be rare and unusual. The coelacanth, for example, was thought to be extinct for millions of years until a living specimen was discovered in 1938.
  • Did you know that some fishes have a great sense of humor? Well, sort of. The archerfish, for example, is known for its unique hunting technique. It can shoot jets of water at insects above the water’s surface, knocking them into the water and making them an easy meal. But here’s the funny part: sometimes, the archerfish will shoot jets of water at unsuspecting humans, too! So if you’re ever near a body of water with archerfish, be sure to watch out for unexpected water sprays.
  • Pacu Fish can chew even Iron- There is a unique species of fish known as the pacu that has an incredibly strong jaw capable of chewing through tough objects, including iron. Native to the Amazon basin, pacus have flattened teeth that are strikingly similar to human molars, which enables them to consume tough seeds, nuts, and fruits that fall into the water. However, they are also known to mistake shiny objects, such as fishing lures, for food, and have been known to bite through fishing lines and hooks. While they may not actively seek out iron to eat, the pacu’s impressive chewing ability is a fascinating adaptation that sets them apart from other fish species.

What are the biggest and smallest fishes in the world?

Fish come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiniest goby to the massive whale shark. The world’s largest fish is, in fact, the whale shark which can grow up to 12 meters long and weigh as much as 21 tons! Despite their enormous size, these gentle giants are filter feeders and eat only plankton.
On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Paedocypris fish which measures at a mere 7.9 millimetres long! This tiny freshwater fish was discovered in Indonesia back in 2006 and holds the title of being one of the smallest vertebrates on Earth!
Another contender for the smallest fish is the Stout Infantfish which can be found off Australia’s northeastern coast. Measuring at around just under an inch long when fully grown, this minuscule creature has been known to swim inside jellyfish tentacles for protection.

What is the lifespan of a fish?

What is the lifespan of a fish ilovefact.com

Fish, unlike humans, have a much shorter lifespan. The lifespan of a fish depends on various factors such as the species of the fish, habitat conditions and environmental factors. Some fishes live for only one year while others can survive for more than 100 years.
For example, goldfish are known to have an average lifespan of about 10-15 years when kept in an aquarium with proper care. However, Koi fish can live up to several decades, reaching ages over 50 years old.
It’s important to note that there is no single answer regarding the lifespan of a fish as each species has its own unique characteristics and traits determining how long it lives in this world.

Most dangerous fishes of the world-


Stonefish ilovefact.com
  • Stonefish are the most venomous fish in the world. Their venom can cause intense pain, swelling, tissue damage, paralysis, and even death.
  • They are found in the coastal regions of the Indo-Pacific, from the Red Sea and the coast of East Africa to the Pacific islands of Australia and New Caledonia.
  • They have a broad, flat head and a wide mouth with a row of sharp teeth. Their body is covered with bumpy, wart-like scales and they have 13 spines along their back that release venom.
  • Stonefish are ambush predators, lying motionless on the ocean floor and waiting for prey to come within striking distance. They feed on small fish, crustaceans, and even octopus and squid.
  • In Australia, where stonefish are common, there are specific anti-venom treatments available in hospitals. However, it is still important to seek medical attention immediately if you are stung by a stonefish.

Electric Eels

Electric Eels ilovefact.com
  • Electric eels, or Electrophorus electricus, are a type of fish that can generate electricity.
  • They are not actual eels but belong to the knife fish family. Electric eels can grow up to 8 feet (2.5 meters) long and weigh as much as 44 pounds (20 kilograms).
  • Electric eels have three pairs of organs called electrolytes which allow them to produce electrical charges from their head down to the tail end.
  • While hunting for prey or defending themselves against predators, they use these organs by emitting low-voltage electric fields or high-voltage shocks of up to 600 volts!
  • These eels have a unique hunting technique that involves using their electricity to stun or paralyze prey before catching them.
  • Fishes are incredible creatures that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From the tiny guppy to the mighty whale shark, these animals have adapted to their environment over thousands of years. They can be found in nearly every aquatic habitat on Earth, from tropical coral reefs to icy polar oceans. This article has helped you learn more about these unique animals and better appreciate their amazing diversity.

Pirhana Fish

Pirhana Fish ilovefact.com
  • Piranhas have a distinctive appearance with their stocky body shape, sharp teeth, and silver or gold scales on their sides. They vary in size but can grow up to 20 inches in length.
  • There are over 60 different species of piranha known today, Some species may have red or orange bellies while others may be black or dark grey.
  • These fish prefer to live in warm waters with temperatures ranging from 75-85°F.
  • Piranhas also feed on smaller aquatic animals such as insects, crustaceans and snails.


We have seen that fishes come in many shapes and sizes, and inhabit a wide variety of water environments. They can be found all over the globe, from the depths of the ocean to small streams or even swimming pools. Fishes are amazing creatures with some incredible adaptations that enable them to survive under extreme conditions. With their remarkable ability to adapt, it’s no wonder why they have been around for so long and continue to fascinate us today.

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