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Crazy Raccoon Dog Facts You Never Knew

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Raccoon dogs are one of the most interesting animals you’ve never heard of. These small canids are native to East Asia and closely related to true raccoons. They are also sometimes called “tanuki”, which is Japanese for “raccoon dog”. Raccoon dogs are proficient swimmers and burrowers, and have been known to climb trees. Their diet consists mainly of small vertebrates, insects, fruit, and carrion. Read on for more crazy raccoon dog facts that you never knew!

What is a Raccoon Dog?

What is a Raccoon Dog ilovefact.com

Raccoon dogs are a species of canid native to East Asia. The name “raccoon dog” is a misnomer as they are not related to raccoons, and are only superficially similar in appearance. Raccoon dogs are the only species in the genus Nyctereutes.
Raccoon dogs are small to medium-sized animals, with a body length of 30–50 cm (12–20 in) and a tail length of 15–20 cm (5.9–7.9 in). They weigh 4–8 kg (8.8–17.6 lb), making them the smallest canids. They have broad heads, short muzzles, round ears, and dark brown eyes.
Their bushy tails have black tips, earning them the nickname “black-tipped dog” in some areas. Their fur is thick and soft, with a dense undercoat and long guard hairs that measure 5–10 cm (2.0–3.9 in) in length.
Raccoon dogs are found throughout East Asia, from Japan and Korea to China and Vietnam.

Facts about Raccoon Dogs

Facts about Raccoon Dogs ilovefact.com
  • Raccoon dogs are not actually related to raccoons, despite their similar name and appearance. They are a species of canid native to East Asia.
  • Raccoon dogs are nocturnal animals, meaning they are most active at night.
  • These animals are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and animals. Their diet consists of small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, insects, and fruits.
  • Raccoon dogs have a thick fur coat that helps keep them warm in the cold winters of their native habitat. This coat also gives them camouflage while hunting.
  • Mating season for raccoon dogs typically occurs between October and November. After a gestation period of 60-70 days, litters of 2-12 pups are born. Pups are born blind and deaf but gain these senses after about two weeks.
  • Raccoon dogs typically live for 2-3 years in the wild and up to 10 years in captivity

Raccoon Dogs are not actually related to Raccoons

Raccoon Dogs ilovefact.com

Raccoon dogs are actually members of the canidae family, which includes wolves, coyotes, and foxes. They’re most closely related to other canids like the maned wolf and the African wild dog.
Though they share a name with raccoons, these animals are only distantly related to them. Raccoon dogs are native to East Asia, while raccoons are native to North America. The two species diverged from a common ancestor millions of years ago.
Raccoon dogs have several physical features that set them apart from raccoons. For one, they’re much smaller than raccoons, averaging about 10 pounds. They also have different shaped skulls and teeth. And while both animals have masked faces, the markings on a raccoon dog’s face are more similar to those of a fox than a raccoon.
Behaviorally, there are also some key differences between raccoon dogs and raccoons. Raccoon dogs are social animals that live in packs, while raccoons are solitary creatures. And while both animals are proficient climbers, raccoon dogs spend more time on the ground than in trees.

Raccoon dogs are native to East Asia

raccoon dog in east asia ilovefact.com

Raccoon dogs are actually a species of canid that is native to East Asia. They are closely related to true foxes, and they look quite similar to their North American cousins, the raccoons. Raccoon dogs are relatively small animals, with adults reaching a size of only about 20 inches long and weighing around 10 pounds.
Despite their name, raccoon dogs are not particularly closely related to raccoons. In fact, the two species are only distantly related, belonging to different families altogether. Raccoon dogs are members of the Canidae family, which includes all dog-like carnivores such as wolves, jackals, and coyotes. Raccoons, on the other hand, belong to the Procyonidae family, which also includes other North American carnivores such as ringtails and olingos.
Although they may look cute and cuddly, raccoon dogs are actually wild animals that should not be kept as pets. In many parts of East Asia, raccoon dogs are considered pests and hunted for their fur. In other parts of the world, however, they are becoming increasingly popular as exotic pets.

Raccoon dogs are considered an invasive species in many countries

Raccoon dogs are considered an invasive species in many countries because of their ability to spread disease and wreak havoc on local ecosystems. In the wild, these animals are known to carry a number of diseases that can be potentially harmful to humans, including rabies and leptospirosis. They can also be a nuisance to farmers and homeowners, raiding trash cans and destroying gardens. In some parts of the world, raccoon dogs are even hunted as pests. If you’re planning on traveling to a country where they’re found, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks they pose.

Raccoon dogs are used in Fur Farming

Raccoon dogs are used in Fur Farming ilovefact.com

Raccoon dogs are used in fur farming for their thick, warm fur. The animals are typically kept in cramped, wire cages and are fed an unnatural diet of pellets. They often suffer from health problems due to the stress of captivity.
Fur farms are cruel places where animals are confined to small cages and exposed to extreme weather conditions. The animals on fur farms typically have no access to veterinary care and live in a state of constant fear and distress.
Raccoon dogs are killed for their fur at a young age. The most common method of killing raccoon dogs on fur farms is via anal electrocution. This involves shoving an electrode up the animal’s anus and into its rectum, causing it to convulse and die from cardiac arrest. their methods used to kill raccoon dogs on fur farms include neck breaking and gassing.
The international trade in raccoon dog fur is worth millions of dollars each year. The majority of raccoon dog fur is used in the fashion industry, with China being the largest market. Despite the inherent cruelty of the fur trade, demand for raccoon dog fur continues to grow.


We hope you enjoyed these crazy raccoon dog facts! These little creatures are fascinating, and we hope you learned something new about them today. If you’re ever lucky enough to spot a raccoon dog in the wild, be sure to take the time to appreciate its unique beauty.

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