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Facts About The Last Quarter Moon You Didn’t Know

Facts about Moon

What is the Last Quarter Moon?

The Moon orbits Earth in a ellipse, not a perfect circle. As it goes around the Earth, its orbital path is slanted by about 23 degrees to the equator. This “last quarter” of the Moon’s orbit occurs when it is closest to Earth. On average, it is about 221,856 miles away from Earth and completes its orbit in 29.5 days. The last quarter of the Moon’s orbit is also called the perigee.

What does the Last Quarter Moon Mean?

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The Last Quarter Moon is the smallest and farthest from Earth of the four lunar phases. It’s also officially known as the Moon in her First Quarter, or New Moon. During this phase, the Moon is just past half way between Earth and sun. This means that we only see a sliver of her light in the sky during this time.
According to lunar mythology, the Last Quarter Moon is said to be the time when a loved one returns home. So, it’s often associated with reunions and happiness. Additionally, it’s said to be a good time to make resolutions or plans for the future.
This phase is also considered to be a time for reflection and contemplation. Because it’s during this time that we’re closest to the moon, some believe that this is when witches cast their spells!
Additionally, people believe that it’s a good time to make resolutions because there’s less distractions during this phase. So if you’re looking for a creative way to kick off your new year, consider reflection and contemplation as your starting point!

Facts about the Last Quarter Moon

  • The last quarter moon is the closest and brightest moon of the month.
  • The last quarter moon is the smallest and most distant of the three moons that orbit Earth
  • The last quarter moon is usually a blue or purple color.
  • The last quarter moon is often nicknamed “The Fish Moon”.
  • The last quarter moon is usually the least visible of the four full moons.
  • The last quarter moon can only be seen during a full moon, as it is too small and faint to be seen during a new or lunar eclipse.
  • The last quarter moon is also known as the “blood moon” because its red colour is caused by the light reflecting off of the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • The last quarter moon was first observed by Europeans in 1534, and has since been observed by many cultures around the world.
  • A quarter moon always occurs during a new moon, which is when the moon is completely dark and invisible to the naked eye.
  • It is considered to be a good time to pray or reflect on your life.
  • It’s also a great time to observe lunar features such as craters and mountains.

How to View the Last Quarter Moon?

The last quarter moon is the smallest and farthest from Earth of the four quarters in a lunar orbit. It’s also the only one that doesn’t always show up as a full moon because it’s about half way between being fully illuminated by the sun and completely dark.
To view the last quarter moon, you need to be in an area with clear skies and look for the moon as it rises in the eastern sky. It will be about 50% illuminated by the sun, so it will be a light blue or silver color.

What Causes the Different Colors of The Moon?

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There are a few different reasons why the moon takes on different colors during its monthly cycle. One reason is that the Earth’s atmosphere blocks some of the sunlight that hits the moon, causing it to appear various shades of green and blue. This happens because the shorter-wavelength light is scattered more than the long-wavelength light. Another factor that affects how brightly the moon shines is its distance from Earth; as it gets closer to us, its light becomes bluer. Lastly, the composition of the moon’s surface also plays a role; while our Moon is mostly composed of rock and dust, other bodies in our solar system – like Jupiter’s moon Europa – are much more likely to have icy surfaces which cause them to reflect different wavelengths of light.

How to Observe the Last Quarter Moon

The Last Quarter Moon is the smallest and farthest from Earth of the four quarters of the moon. It is also known as the New Moon. The Last Quarter Moon orbits Earth every 29.5 days and can be seen on the evening horizon just before sunset.

What will happen when the Moon is in the Last Quarter?

In astronomy, the last quarter moon or “New Moon” occurs when the moon is between its perigee, or closest approach to Earth, and apogee, or farthest point from Earth. This phase corresponds to about 29% of a lunar cycle. During this time, the moon appears as a smaller, less-bright object in the sky. Because it is also closer to Earth than usual, there is a higher chance of meteor showers during this time. Furthermore, because the sun and moon are both in the same part of the sky during this phase, there is an increased chance of light interference producing lunar eclipse shadows on earth.


Did you know that the last quarter moon is called an “orange” moon? It’s because it’s the closest to Earth and as a result, it appears orange in light. Furthermore, this particular moon will be FULL on September 27th! If you’re looking to mark the occasion in some way, be sure to check out our selection of Last Quarter Moon items below.

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