Creepiest Facts About The Moon That Will Terrify You

Facts about Moon

Did you know that the moon has a dark side? Probably not. But now that you do, it’s time to start worrying. These are just some of the creepiest facts about the moon that will terrify you. From an alleged Alien base on the moon to its deadly environment, read on to learn about some of the most frightening things about this natural satellite.

The Moon is a Dead Planet

The Moon is a Dead Planet

The Moon is a Dead Planet The moon may be lifeless, but that doesn’t mean it’s not creepy. Here are some facts about the moon that will terrify you:
1.It has no atmosphere. This means there is no protection from the harsh environment on the surface of the moon.
2.There is no water on the moon.
3.It’s always dark on the moon because there is no atmosphere to reflect sunlight.
4.The only living thing on the moon is a single virus – which isn’t really living at all…
5.The rocks on the surface of the moon are incredibly old and cold – which could explain why there’s no water or atmosphere on the surface!
6.There have been reports of mysterious phenomena happening on the surface of the moon, including sightings of strange creatures and lights in the sky.
7.The Moon may be dead, but that doesn’t mean it’s not scary!

Scary Facts about the Moon

The moon is one of the most important pieces of Earth’s orbit – it provides balance and stability. However, there are some creepy facts about the moon that will terrify you!
The moon is made up of rock and dust, which means it could easily crumble into pieces if something were to hit it. It’s also not very dense, so if someone jumped on top of it, they would likely sink through the surface! And lastly, the moon doesn’t have a global magnetic field – this means that any objects placed on or near the surface would be pulled towards the earth.
So if you wanted to pick up a rock on the moon and bring it back home with you, be prepared for consequences!

The Moon Is a Natural Laboratory

The Moon Is a Natural Laboratory

The Moon is a natural laboratory, and scientists have been using it to learn more about Earth and space for centuries. Here are some creepiest facts about the moon that will terrify you!
1.The moon has a dark side. Unlike Earth, which has one face that always faces the sun, the moon has a dark side – or farside – that’s never seen by humans. Scientists believe this side is mostly made of rocky materials that don’t receive enough sunlight to be melted and turned into new rocks by the warm temperatures on the nearside.
2.The moon has huge craters. Some of the biggest craters on the moon are more than 100 miles wide! These giant scars on the surface were formed when asteroids or meteorites hit the moon, sending pieces flying all over.
3.There’s lava on the moon! Lava flows are common on Earth, but they’re much rarer on our lunar friend. This is because lava needs water to form – something that doesn’t exist on the moon! Instead, lava relies on gas and magma to do its job, which makes it quite difficult to erupt from beneath the surface.
4.The moon’s surface is constantly moving. Even though it doesn’t have an atmosphere like Earth does,the gravitational forceings of both objects keeps their surfaces in constant motion with each other. This movement creates seismic waves, or vibrations, that can be detected by sensitive instruments from Earth.

The Moon Is Haunted

The Moon Is Haunted

The moon is a fascinating place. It’s an alien world, and yet it’s home to some pretty creepy facts. Here are 15 of the creepiest things about the moon that will scare the crap out of you.
1.The moon has a dark side. The moon has two sides – the dark side and the light side.
2. The dark side is always facing away from Earth, so we never get to see it. Scientists believe that this side of the moon is much darker than the light side, which is why we never see anything on it!The dark side of the moon is full of craters.
3. Some scientists believe that the dark side of the moon is full of craters because it hasn’t been hit by a lot of rocks from Earth in the past – which would have caused more damage on its surface. This makes sense – if there was more damage on one side, then it would be easier for that area to become a crater!
4.There’s still water on the dark side of the moon!

Scientists can’t explain how water got onto the dark side of the moon, but they know that it’s there – and that it still exists today! They think that some kind of space-based weather system may have transported water molecules from Earth to the lunar surface over time… who knows? It’s definitely one mystery worth solving!

The Moon is Full of Terrible Things

The moon is a desolate, lifeless place. But it’s also home to some truly creepy things. For example, did you know that the moon has an underground ocean? And that it’s host to some seriously horrifying creatures? Read on to learn more about the moon’s spooky secrets…

The Moon Has an Underground Ocean

The Moon Has an Underground Ocean

Most people are familiar with the fact that the moon has an atmosphere—a thin layer of gases and particles that keeps us from being crushed by its own weight. But few people know that the moon also has an underground ocean!
This ocean isn’t quite as full of water as our oceans on Earth are. However, it’s still got plenty of liquid rock and minerals swimming around in it. And because the moon doesn’t have a solid surface like our planet does, this ocean is completely isolated from all of the other terrestrial environments on the moon.
So what kind of creatures might live in this remote abyss? Well, according to some experts, there could be anything from tiny bacteria to huge fish living in this subterranean sea. And if you’re really creeped out by amphibians and reptiles (which, let’s face it, most of us are), then you’ll love learning about the lunar lizards that live down there too!

The Moon is Haunted

The Moon is one of the most mysterious bodies in our solar system, and it’s also been linked to a number of creepiest facts. Here are five of the spookiest things about the moon that will terrify you:

1.The moon has a dark side.– Not only is the moon dark side up, but it’s also got an incredibly thick atmosphere made up primarily of oxygen and nitrogen gas. This atmosphere can trap particles and make the surface of the moon incredibly dusty, which means there could be creepy things lurking beneath its surface!
2.The moon may have once had water on it.– Scientists aren’t sure how much water was on the moon before it was impacted by Earth, but they believe there might have been enough for some small oceans. If this is true, then we could be looking at some seriously eerie implications – likealien life existing on the moon!
3.The moon is home to a number of massive craters.– The Apollo astronauts discovered that the moon has a whopping 96 percent less landmass than Earth does – which means there must be a lot of big holes in between all those mountains and hills! Some theories suggest these craters were formed when huge asteroids or comets hit the surface of the moon – making them possibly alien-made structures!
4.There may be an alien base on the far side of the moon.– NASA currently believes that there’s no viable way for humans to

The Moon has an Atmosphere

The moon has an atmosphere! It’s a very thin layer of gas and dust, but it’s there. The average pressure on the moon is 1/6th of that on Earth, so the atmosphere gives off some beautiful light show. The sky is always filled with different colors because the gases and particles in the atmosphere scatter sunlight in all directions.

The Moon has a Volcano

The Moon has a volcano! The moon is made of rock and metal and dust, which means it’s not a solid object. Over time, the moon’s mantle (a layer of the earth beneath the crust) has slowly leaked away. This gas and dust has created a large underground chamber called the moon volcano.
The volcano is about 190 miles long, 80 miles wide at its widest point, and 35 to 50 miles deep. It’s still active today – you can see steam and smoke rising from it! The magma chamber under the volcano is about 3 miles thick.

The Moon has Craters

The Moon has a number of craters that are quite eerie-looking. For example, there’s the “Sea of Tranquility” crater, which is pretty much just a big hole in the ground. And then there’s the “Crescent Moon” crater, which looks like it could be full of blood. Plus, the moon has a lot of smaller craters that are just creepy by nature.

The Moon has an Ocean

The Moon has an ocean of water that could be as deep as 11 miles, according to a new study. The ocean is thought to have formed after the Moon was hit by a giant asteroid, which caused it to fracture and create pockets of water. The ocean is also thought to be permanently wet, thanks to the constant rain and icefall on the moon’s surface.


It’s that time of year again — everyone is talking about the moon. And what better way to talk about the moon than by sharing some of the creepiest facts about it? From its origins to its dark secrets, read on for some spine-tingling information about our blue planet’s most famous satellite.

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