The Gradual Retreat

The moon keeps moving away from the earth farther 3.8 cm each year. After 600 million years later it will be look like a star from the earth.

Lunar Levity

Did you know that if we are on the moon we would weigh 6 times less. This happens due to 6 times less gravity.

The Power of Attraction

The earth is 6 times bigger than moon so it attracts everything 6 times more powerfully than moon.

If you drop a paper and an iron ball in the space they will fall at the same time.

Equal Fall

Equal Fall

Lunar Abundance

There are more than 200 moons in the solar system. In Fact there is only one for the earth.

Rocky Resemblance

The Moon is made of rock and metal just like the Earth.

Oval Illusion

The moon seems round in shape but it is actually not round it is oval in shape.

Lunar Pioneers

Now 21 people have landed on the moon. The first one to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong.

Lunar Scale

Lunar Scale

The Average diameter of the moon is 3475 km. Because of which moon is the 5th largest satellite of our solar system.

Celestial Illusion

Celestial Illusion

When we see sun and moon from the earth they appear to be of the same size but in reality the sun is millions of times bigger than the moon.

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